Sizing Adjustment Policy

To ensure a consistent fit for our customers worldwide, Sutton Spires sizing adjustment policy addresses the differences between Asian manufacturing standards and global sizing expectations.

Policy Details:

1. Global Sizing Conversion: Our products are initially sized according to Asian standards. We adjust these sizes to better align with global sizing expectations. Therefore, the size label on your product might differ from your typical size in your region.

2. Size Selection: Customers should order their usual size based on their regional sizing standard. Our team will automatically convert this to the appropriate Asian size during processing.

3. Labeling Clarification: The size label on each product reflects the Asian sizing conversion, which may appear larger or smaller than the size ordered. This is a part of our standard sizing adjustment process.

6. Returns and Exchanges: If a product's size does not meet your expectations, we offer a 30-day return or exchange policy, subject to our return conditions.

7. Feedback and Improvement: Customer feedback on sizing is highly valued and used to continually improve our sizing conversion process.

Our commitment is to provide a comfortable and satisfactory fit for all our customers, regardless of their location. This policy aids in bridging the gap between global and Asian sizing standards, ensuring a better shopping experience.